Candace H Berkman, CLTC®

Financial Advisor

My Mission

"To help individuals and business owners develop solutions tailored to their unique goals and objectives through a holistic approach. I will leverage my knowledge and expertise in Long Term Care and Retirement Planning to help you address risks and optimize your income during retirement." 


I know that financial planning must be customized to individuals' specific goals. Not only do I help my clients by managing and building upon their current situations and needs, but I also assist them in seeing their visions fulfilled by effectively planning for their future.

I have spent over twenty years building my practice by providing top quality financial services to my clients. Armed with extensive knowledge and experience, paired with passion and fervor to see my clients achieve financial prosperity and beyond, I specialize in providing strategic, comprehensive advice to help successful, women, attorneys, physicians, executives and business owners meet their financial goals. I also often collaborate with fellow advisors for additional areas of expertise.

In addition to helping my own clients thrive, I strive to positively impact the lives of the people I meet by educating them on the importance of financial planning, building a healthy relationship with money, and effectively planning for the future.


Resources for Business Owners Business Markets Stratey map

With a focused expertise on the business owner, I can provide guidance for your business issues:


Focus on Retirement

We're living longer than ever—and that means retirement will last longer as well. To help ensure you have the lifestyle you want in the future, it's important to develop a sound retirement plan today to make the most of your savings for tomorrow.

I work with my clients in every phase of retirement planning:

Saving for Retirement

Approaching Retirement

Living in Retirement


Providing Long Term Care Options

You spend a lifetime working hard and saving for the future to ensure your family's financial security. You purchase life insurance or disability insurance, make investments and contribute to your retirement plan. And, while you can't predict the future, you can continue to plan for it. Candace Berkman can help.

CLTC (Certified in Long Term Care)

With the CLTC designation, Candace Berkman has received one of the most extensive educations available for financial professionals in the field of long-term care insurance. Graduates of the CLTC designation program from the Corporation for Long-Term Care Certification, Inc. have completed a multidisciplinary curriculum with a detailed concentration on essential information involved in the sale of long-term care insurance. The program, acknowledged by state regulators as an appropriate continuing education means, is a valuable resource for financial professionals desiring to remain up-to-date on industry trends.

There are several important issues you can consider when planning for the possibility that you may need care in the future. Read more: Long-Term Care Insurance

Candace Berkman Recommends 

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